Personalised Medicine: the use of one or more diagnostic resources to determine the individual characteristics of the patient, with which the optimal treatment plan for the individual patient can be chosen.

The TOMi vision

Personalised medicine is becoming the standard in healthcare for the individual patient.

Brabant has the potential to grow into a leading European region in the field of personalised medicine.

TOMi improves the transition of basic research to clinical application and its inclusion in the healthcare system.

TOMi accelerates development by uniting disciplines, coordinated development of clinical application and education.

TOMi discloses the relevant information for patients and doctors and paves the way for joint decision-making, the Optimal Treatment Plan Consultation (OBO).

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The Therapie Op Maat instituut (TOMi) focuses on:

Putting personalised medicine solutions into clinical practice.

Setting up an infrastructure for personalised medicine.

Informing and training healthcare professionals in the field of personalised medicine.

Inform patients and their environment about the therapies relevant to them based on guidelines and map relevant clinical studies.

Supporting companies and start-ups in developing products and services that play a role in the implementation of personalised medicine.

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Speed ​​in development

In order to give substance to new opportunities in personalised medicine, for improved care as well as commercially interesting developments, specific attention is necessary to support speed in the transformation process.

Speed ​​in development offers:

  • Access for residents to new treatment methods and care.
  • Basic conditions for an Optimal Treatment Plan Consultation.
  • Opportunities for the existing Med-tech and Life-tech industry to maintain / expand position.
  • Attractive business climate for foreign companies due to the presence of tailor-made therapy infrastructure.
  • Innovation hub for start-ups where technology (supply) and care (demand) meet, accelerating the valorisation and articulation process.

TOMi fulfills this need by:

Bringing together professionals in varying formations in projects around practice-oriented questions.

Making information available to professionals and patients aimed at the use of personalised medicine.

Provide content to the preconditions for applying and developing personalised medicine (regulations, privacy, infrastructure).

Guiding companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the development of products and services aimed at personalised medicine.

Board of Directors of TOMi


Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tim Kievits



Ad Hoeks

Supervisory Board of TOMi

The Supervisory Board is independent and fully supervises the policy of the Executive Board and general affairs within TOMi.


Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Olof Suttorp MD MBA
Retired, former Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Amphia Hospital

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